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Creative Support - Calderdale & Kirklees Services, 1 Iona Street, Halifax.

Creative Support - Calderdale & Kirklees Services in 1 Iona Street, Halifax is a Homecare agencies and Supported living specialising in the provision of services relating to eating disorders, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, personal care, physical disabilities, sensory impairments and substance misuse problems. The last inspection date here was 14th March 2019

Creative Support - Calderdale & Kirklees Services is managed by Creative Support Limited who are also responsible for 112 other locations

Contact Details:

      Creative Support - Calderdale & Kirklees Services
      Iona House
      1 Iona Street
      HX3 6HX
      United Kingdom


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Safe: Good
Effective: Good
Caring: Good
Responsive: Outstanding
Well-Led: Good
Overall: Good

Further Details:

Service Provider:

    Creative Support Limited

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Important Dates:

    Last Inspection 2019-03-14
    Last Published 2019-03-14

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Inspection Reports:

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7th February 2019 - During a routine inspection pdf icon

The inspection took place between 7, 8 and 13 February 2019 and was announced. This meant the staff and provider knew we would be visiting.

At the last inspection in May 2016 we found the provider was rated overall as good with one domain rated outstanding. At this inspection we found the service remains good with the one domain rated outstanding.

Creative Support (Halifax) provides support for people with a range of disabilities and complex needs. The service aims to enable people to live independent and dignified lives, by the provision of care in a supported living environment. At the time of inspection there were 29 people receiving a personal care service.

A registered manager was in place. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are 'registered persons'. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

We found strong evidence the service actively sought the views of people using the service through innovative methods, fully involving them in the interviewing process for new staff, and knowledge sharing. We found an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable management team committed to ensuring people could live as fulfilling lives as possible. This promoted people's health and wellbeing and enhanced their quality of life.

People said the standard of care was very good and they were well cared for. People spoke very highly about staff, the support they received and opportunities available to them. People had developed exceptionally strong relationships with staff which they spoke about to us with the upmost respect for them. Staff including the management team knew people very well and consistently helped them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The service had good links with the local community. This empowered people to be involved in events and activities which took place in the local area. Due to the resources available and dedication of the staff team, people had access to an exceptional range of activities in the community. These helped people achieve their dreams and build self-confidence. The service was exceptional at helping people develop their independence through a series of well thought out goals. People were fully involved in the planning and setting of these goals. People were very keen to tell us what these were and how this made them more independent. People's achievements were celebrated by the service to help build further confidence. People were proud to tell us of their achievements.

Staff had opportunities to update their skills and professional development. Staff demonstrated an understanding of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005. People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice.

Staff were confident in supporting people with medicines and knew people very well.

There was an open and transparent culture in which staff felt valued and able to approach the registered manager. Staff told us they felt valued and really enjoyed their role. The management team continued to improve and work as much as possible with people’s relatives if they had any concerns or complaints. We saw accident and incident were reviewed; however, these were not at the time of inspection fully embedded to look at lessons learnt or analysis. We spoke to the registered manager who had reviewed these and put into place analysis of these accident and incidents by the second day of inspection.

We looked at the environmental risk assessments for the outside of the building due to a mossy area on the footpath of Iona House. We saw this had not been accounted for on the risk assessments or audits, which meant people who accessed this outside footpath were at a

26th May 2016 - During a routine inspection pdf icon

The inspection took place between the 26 and 31 May 2016 and was announced. This meant we gave the provider a short amount of notice (48 hours) that we would be visiting the office in order to ensure a manager was present and to seek consent in advance from people who used the service in order to visit their homes.

At the last inspection in June 2013 we found the provider was compliant with the regulations we looked at.

Creative Support (Halifax) provides support for people with learning disabilities, some of whom have complex needs. The service provides supported living services for people living across 10 supported living properties within West Yorkshire.

A registered manager was in place. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run.

People and relatives said skilled staff provided excellent care which met people’s individual needs. This was confirmed by health professionals who told us they had evidence people had achieved very positive outcomes whilst using the service particularly around increased confidence and independence.

The service empowered people to take control of their care and support and make decisions about how the service was run. Creative methods were used inform people about their rights, and how to fully participate in the decision making process.

People were supported to plan and achieve goals and objectives relating to their independence, employment and social life. These were robustly evaluated by the service to check the service was working effectively for people. Goals and achievements were celebrated by the service to further improve people’s confidence and self-belief.

People told us they felt safe in the service. People and staff both had an awareness about safeguarding and had been given information on how to identify and report any allegations of abuse. Risk assessments were in place which were understood by staff and some people who used the service to help keep people safe.

Medicines were safely managed and people received their medicines as prescribed.

Staffing levels were in line with contracted hours and during observations of care and support we saw staff were highly visible. Safe recruitment procedures were in place to ensure staff were of suitable character to work with vulnerable people.

Staff received a range of training on induction and through regular refresher training to ensure they had the correct skills and knowledge to care for people. This was mostly up-to-date.

People were supported to source and prepare food as part of a healthy lifestyle. Where people had more complex needs, appropriate care plans were developed to assist people to eat and drink enough.

People’s healthcare needs were assessed by the service and appropriate plans of care put in place. The service worked with a range of health professionals to help ensure these needs were met. People’s health was monitored and the service supported people to attend any appointments.

People and relatives told us staff treated them with kindness and compassion. This was confirmed in the interactions we observed. We found care was delivered in a pleasant and caring manner.

Staff had worked with people to understand their past lives and experiences to help provide personalised care and support.

Care records were highly person centred and staff had an excellent understanding of how to meet people’s individual care and support needs.

A system was in place to log, investigate and respond to complaints. A low number of complaints had been received and people we spoke with were very satisfied with the service.

People, relatives and staff spoke positively about the way the service was run. They said staff wor

13th June 2013 - During a routine inspection pdf icon

During our inspection of Creative Support - Halifax Service, we visited the area office and one of the supported living facilities.

We met with the new manager for the service who had been in position for two weeks and was still in their induction period. Another member of Creative Support's management team attended to assist with the inspection. We also spoke on the telephone with the service director following our visit.

We met with six people who used the service and spoke with another six people on the telephone.

People told us that most of the care staff were kind and supportive but raised some issues with us regarding individual members of staff. We passed these issues on to the management team who dealt with them immediately. One person told us

"The staff are fantastic"

One person told us that they had developed their own personal care plan but others told us that they have little input into planning their care and support.

Creative Support - Halifax service are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide domiciliary care to people who live in their own homes. One person told us that they didn't think the service was for them whilst another said "It's good living here, I do stuff."

We saw that good procedures were followed in relation to staff recruitment and we saw some good interactions between staff and people who used the service.

22nd May 2012 - During a routine inspection pdf icon

People who use the service told us:

"I get good support here"

" I come to the meetings, we take it in turn at chairing the meetings, I like doing that"

"I like being involved in interviewing staff"

"Sometimes staff don't knock on my door, they just come in"

"Even if they (staff) are busy they'll make time for me"



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